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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Consulting Package

Companies regulated by the EPA, OSHA and other federal, state and local agencies have to deal with EH&S process as part of their business operations. EHS IT solution is key tool in dealing with EH&S reporting requirements. With changing regulatory requirements, organizations need solution which can support traditional EHS requirements and emerging needs such as global warming, greenhouse gas reporting and carbon trading. Enterprises today are putting themselves at risk by not managing their EHS portfolio and their EHS data. They need to integrate their EHS compliance and risk management activities in a single platform.

The legal and regulatory implications of a poorly managed Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program can be disastrous in terms of personal injuries, shareholder value and litigation. Local, national and international agencies require extensive reporting on both prevention plans and the occurrence of environmental or safety issues.

Our  EHS solutions help organizations achieve compliance, reduce risk and manage and track key processes and actions based on organizational SOPs, local government rules and both national and international compliance guidelines. We  provide control over  EHS processes in conjunction with SEMS and ISO 14001 by centralizing data input, managing workflow and providing powerful querying, trending and reporting features.

Environmental Regulations
Environmental regulations such as Clean Air Act and Kyoto protocol are forcing companies to measure and report Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and conduct sustainable business. Companies must be able to understand and manage their GHG risks if they have to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment, and be prepared for future national or regional climate policies

Environmental Incident Reporting
With our experts assistance your organization will be able to reduce risk and resolve incidents faster and more effectively by capturing and tracking all incident data, automating workflow and ensuring that all required reporting and follow-up activities are completed on time. Customized reports can be easily generated from the system and provided to management and oversight agencies when required.

Worker Safety Investigations & Reporting

Companies do all they can to prevent personnel injuries. However, when they occur, they must be logged and tracked according to regulations (such as SEMS and OHSAS) and company procedures. We provide powerful trending and analysis reporting including monthly, quarterly and annual reports that serve as valuable trending and analysis tools.

Risk Assessments
Site or project based risk assessments provide data that allow companies to determine the risk level for health and ecological damage as a result of improper control measures. We will assist your   organization automating and improve its risk assessment processes by centralizing management of all facility risk assessments and evaluations, including scheduling and planning activities.

Incident Management Module
Organizations need to report incidents, near miss and hazards to regulatory bodies such as OSHA and regional authorities. Our Incident Management module offers capabilities to identify, analyze and report incidents. It can be deployed across enterprise to allow employees to record incidents in a central system. Incident information can be integrated with Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), Document Management System (DMS), Training and Risk Management to ensure closed loop follow process and corrective actions for eliminating risks. Reports can be generated to provide data for compliance with various Regulations.

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